We invite you

We are getting married

Our story

On October 30, Jaap and Lisa left for a day in the city, after they had lunched they decided to sail in a boat. Under the bridge of love, Jaap went on his knees and asked Lisa to marry.

The wedding

Gift Voucher: Envelope

Dresscode: Pastel

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Date & Time

On 12-12-12 at 14:00 we will give each other our yes word. We would appreciate it if you would join us and want to celebrate the rest of the day together.


We expect you at 13:00 at the parental home of Lisa from where we will leave.


Opportunity to congratulate is at the wedding reception from 16:00 to 18:00.


You are welcome at our wedding party from 19.30 to 01:00.

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Lisa's parental home

Haagweg 4F10, 2311 AA Leiden 


City Hall

Haagweg 4F10, 2311 AA Leiden 


Wedding Reception & Wedding Party

Haagweg 4F10, 2311 AA Leiden 


Our address

Address: Haagweg 4F10, 2311 AA Leiden
Phone: 071-3410161
Email: info@compra.nl


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